Technician working on system integration and monitoring system performance

Quality System Performance

Outsource complies with the highest standards of production quality when manufacturing our products. The integrity of our system integration and performance makes up a large part of what customers value about our service.

Our System Performance Standards
Efficient System Integration

At Outsource, you can count on the high standards and quality system performance demanded by OEM leaders in the electronics industry. We are certified to AS9100 Revision C  ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 standards.

Moreover, as required by certain consumer and industrial electronics, our outsourcing company is listed with UL for specific assemblies as a manufacturing site for our customers. Monitored by UL to meet their listing criteria, we maintain and continue to meet their requirements and processes which our customers’ products require.

Latest System Performance Quality Report

For the most recent 12 month period, our warranty RMA rate is 0.0015%.
We welcome the opportunity to show you how we are able to maintain
such high quality output. Attached are some current data points
to show our performance in meeting a very high yield in
quality delivered to our customers.

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