Regarding completion of 2010

Posted: January 01, 2011 by Ted Fogliani in: Blog Posts

In the outsource manufacturing, contract manufacturing industries, sharing revenue and customers, and how you’re doing tends to be very taboo. Nobody wants our competition to know how we’re doing, who we are doing it for, etc. I do think it’s important, however, to let people know that manufacturing companies are alive and well, in fact for us 2010 was a year of growth. While that is good for our company, and a result of hard work by all our employees, to me it’s equally important to let the OEM community and the business community in general, know that even in what some say are the worst times ever, companies are growing. And even more contrary to the news and discussions, it’s a manufacturing company. I’m Pro-manufacturing and Pro-U.S. Manufacturing, and I along with my company is proof that outsource manufacturing can done domestically, done professionally and done at a global low cost.

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