Outsource Positions for Growth

Posted: May 24, 2011 by Ted Fogliani in: Blog Posts

Over the past couple of years Outsource has seen a significant increase in sales, but equally important we have seen significant increase in quotes from local OEMs, U.S. based customers, who have realized that San Diego can offer a competitive price for manufacturing their products. Some are looking to bring products back from China and other non-U.S. regions. Some, are simply including San Diego in their quoting and evaluation process, and often finding that Outsource Manufacturing – Made In San Diego is not only competitive, but in some cases offers the lowest total cost of manufacturing.

Outsource has worked to stay ahead of this increased demand with decisions such as moving into a larger facility in late 2009. At a time when many saw things tightening up, Outsource looked to get in position for what we expect is a multi-year shift to have more manufacturing in the U.S. We have also added to our internal resources and bandwidth in all departments, including Operations and manufacturing, an expanded customer service department, and in our quality and engineering groups. Our HR department works hard to hire people as needed, with a focus on brining in the industry’s best people who bring experience and a high work ethic into our culture and environment.

The global manufacturing market is changing. The spread between U.S. costs and International labor costs is shrinking. And the cost of doing business outside the U.S., such as freight, travel, logistics, have been on the rise for many years. We have done a lot to position our company to support the shift of manufacturing back to the U.S.

We realize that our company and even San Diego is not the solution or best fit for every OEM’s manufacturing needs, but for those that include us in the evaluation of where to build, they get an honest, experienced look at the possibility of building locally. Companies find that we can compete with other regions and are pleasantly surprised that we can be competitive as we are.

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