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Posted: March 23, 2011 by Lauren Powers in: Blog Posts

The recent events in Japan have left many of us in complete shock and awe.  Here at Outsource, our hearts and thoughts are with those directly affected by these events. 

Events like these often have a trickledown effect and can trigger component shortages, price fluctuations and speculative buying among the electronics industry.  With this in mind, the Materials Department at Outsource has spent the last few weeks working closely with manufacturers and distributors to determine the direct effects on the electronics manufacturing world and in particular our customers’ products.

So far, the response and recovery from the manufacturers located in Japan has been quite impressive.  Most factories have other locations that are able to pick up some of the production for those located in Japan that suffered damage, keeping production and supply steady.  However, it is still too early to see all the possible effects that could surface over the next weeks and months.

Given Outsources purchasing strategy of bonding and cushioning of our stock levels, we do not anticipate any immediate risk to our production and ability to deliver on-time quality product to our customer base. Our materials group will continue to work closely with our supply chain partners to keep customers informed.

Below are a few links with more information on the possible effects of the earthquake and Tsunami on electronics.  Two of the links are articles speculating on possible effects.  The other is the Arrow website that has been monitoring real time updates from the manufactures that they are franchised for. 




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