Outsource adds to its local support and sales

Posted: May 24, 2012 by Lauren Powers in: Blog Posts

Outsource Manufacturing announced on May 21, 2012 that it has signed MVP Solutions as it’s manufacturer’s representative for the San Diego and Southern California markets.  Ted Fogliani, CEO of Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. - Made In San Diego  says, “We have historically kept our primary sales relationships internal, cautious about a representative’s ability to communicate our story and our way of doing business.  We have found in MVP a sales arm that we feel understands our business and our company and they will engage in a sales relationship in the same way that we have for 15 years.  They know our local market very well, and have the energy and the committment to local manufacturing that we believe will help our company and our customers.”

Kelly McNulty from MPV said, “MVP Solutions, a subsidiary of MVP Services Corporation, is very excited over the recent strategic partnership with Outsource Manufacturing. We look forward to supporting the “Made in San Diego” movement as well as continuing the growth of a strong San Diego economy”


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