Outource Manufacturing, Inc. Employees Begin New Wellness Challenge

Posted: October 01, 2012 by Christian Fogliani in: Blog Posts

Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. believes that a happy, healthy workforce is a win for both employees and our customers.

For our second Wellness Challenge this year, employees are competing in teams to see who can earn the highest number of Wellness Points. Points are awarded for participating in healthy activities, such as walking outside on breaks, eating fruits and vegetables, and making healthy lifestyle changes.

 A little competition has broken out between our team captains! Captains have appointed co-captains to help fire up the teams, and have been supplying healthy snacks and setting up salad potlucks with their teammates.

Wellness is good business! An energized, engaged team contributes to a more positive and productive work environment!   Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. has been developing its Wellness program over the past couple years.  The program is designed to encourage employees to choose a healthy life and to give them the tools to accomplish that.  We have seen some incredible results among the employees and the level of enthusiasm for the Wellness Program has grown over the past couple years. 

Kari Lawless, the Human Resources Manager for Outsource Manufacturing, Inc., is leading the charge.  She even encourages employees to email her pictures of their healthy lifestyle for all employees to see.  She recognizes that an effective Wellness Program requires support and participation from all employees.

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