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Posted: March 07, 2011 by Charlene Theberge in: Blog Posts

Each month the Quality Department will monitor and post our prior month Warranty RMA %. Today we have posted February 2011 data.

Executive Management at Outsource Manufacturing, as well as the Quality Department, puts the highest priority on the quality of the product we ship, and the ability of our customer to rely on that supply for their internal use and/or the direct generation of revenue.  This is one reason we put such a priority on our Warranty RMA %.

Our target for Warranty RMA % is 0.003%.  In our environment where most of the products we manufacture have a range of 400 to 1,000 opportunities for error, this target is aggressive.

Historically we have been successful in meeting our targets.  It is mostly a result of defining and then following process and procedures, something we put most of our efforts into.  Our teams in the Quality Systems and Quality Assurance areas are very committed to defining processes that best support repeatable and expected results.  In addition there is a documented and defined procedure for training our assembly employees to understand and follow those procedures.

In addition to our procedures, we use automated inspection equipment, as appropriate, in addition to well positioned inspection points within a products assembly.  We often work with our customers to define these key points of inspection, but we take responsibility to manufacture to the very highest level their product can be built to, which often involves going above and beyond what our customer has established.

And of course, we rely on our well trained, very committed assembly work force.  All the procedures in the world won’t do much if your people are not trained and focused on quality.  We invest time and support to our assembly operators because they are one of the most important contributors to our ability to manufacture at the quality levels we do.

We look forward to communicating via our monthly blogs, and more frequent as we address other topics related to Quality and outputting high levels of quality products.

You can view our monthly reports here.

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