Blog from Operations Dept. – Launch 2 new customers , Hiring planned for Q2.

Posted: March 15, 2011 by Antonio Franco in: Blog Posts

Outsource is proud to welcome 2 new customers to our family of customers, both launching into production in February and March.  Both customers’ lines are up and running. 

The first is introducing a new product into the golf industry.  It is filling a need to properly treat golf courses, specifically maintenance of the greens.  In the last couple weeks  we have manufactured and delivered the initial shipments to prominent golf courses around the world.  Manufacturing Engineering is putting great effort to find efficiencies in our production cells, that will continue to drive down costs for this customer’s product.

A second new customer launching this month sells a medical device for skin care.   This is a U.S. based medical products company that will sell through retail and online channels.   Production cells are up and running. 

Our on time delivery for the month of February was at 96%.  We were challenged in getting to above 99% by some strain in the supply chain related to long leads and part allocation.  Our materials department works hard to alleviate and avoid lead time issues, but with some parts being quoted at 26 to even 36 weeks lead time, it can be a challenge.

We are preparing for some hiring in the Operations / Assembly areas over the coming months.

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