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Posted: March 30, 2011 by Ted Fogliani in: Blog Posts

I continue to be very excited about U.S. Manufacturing and the opportunities for our company and for all U.S. manufacturers to build their product in our country. Total cost comparisons for electronics manufacturing in the U.S. versus other areas of the world show a shrinking cost spread. And, for many products, U.S. pricing is lower. I encourage you to visit our web site and use our cost calculator which does instant cost comparisons between the U.S. and some common manufacturing markets. You may be surprised at what is possible here in the states, and how small, if any, the difference is to manufacture in far away places.

Our company had a very exciting month.

On the quality and process side, during the past month we enjoyed having 57 hours of third party audits. These included customer audits, Registrar Audits and an FDA audit. Charlene Theberge, Director of Quality Systems, did a wonderful job in presenting our company and our procedures to the audit teams that visited us. Some of the comments that came from those audits were: “you run a tight operation”, “As close to perfect as I have ever seen” (from FDA Audit), “the best audit results I have ever given”.

We are proud of our Quality Team and our quality output, and it was great to have some external sources validate the processes and controls we have in place.

During March we launched 1 new customer production line, and completed validation process as a new supplier for a medical device. Production, which was previosly performed in-house at our customer’s facility, will start at Oustource in April. Our manufacturing engineering and operations teams provided great support internally and to our customer to get these two events completed successfully. One key to our growth is adding good, solid customers to our business. That effort starts with sales, but it must go through engineering and operations to be successfully integrated. We have become very good at successful integration and absorbtion of a customer’s manufacturing requirements due to an incredible staff in the engineering and ops departments. The people are the key, and we have the best people in the business.

We welcome the addition of a new HR Manager who will add to our efforts to remind our employees how much we value and respect them, and to make sure we are active in showing that. The hiring committee was very diligent in finding someone who would fit well into our company, and all signs point to a very good fit. We welcome Kari, and we look forward to her contributions to our corporate culture and our HR and HRD activities.

A quick mention of our company vision, which we strive to support every day.

Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. – Corporate Vision

Be an integral part of our customers’ success, by inspiring and empowering every employee to deliver 100% quality and superior performance to our customers and our company.  Be the leader in Manufacturing Services in San Diego, with a national presence.  Be mindful that each opportunity may be the most important one we have. 


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