AS9100 Certification is Achieved

Posted: July 19, 2011 by Ted Fogliani in: Blog Posts

This past Thursday was an exciting day at Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. After a 5 day audit, we were recommended for AS9100 Certification. During the entire audit, No Non-conformances were identified. This is a rare and very significant achievement.

I have passed on congratulations to our Quality Systems department and all our employees. I am so proud of their work and their dedication to following procedure and processes. Those are such important keys to our success, and the results of this audit show how dedicated we are from top to bottom to keeping that a priority.

Any audit where an outside party is in your facility for 5 days will identify areas where you can improve, and occasionally potential weaknesses; and, we always find value in those new eyes on our facility to find ways to improve. It is nice when those recommendations are for improvement, and possible ways to do things better, and not to call out major problems. To have come through an AS9100 Audit with no non-conformances is an incredible sign of how our Quality Systems managers and Department heads have led and trained our entire company.

With our AS9100 Certification complete, we will now put effort to letting San Diego, and all of the U.S., know of an additional, local resource to build Aerospace and Defense products which require an AS9100 Certified Facility. As we continue to encourage companies to build their products here, we know that much is leaving San Diego for other parts of the country. We have to change that. We’ll do what we can to offer them a great, high quality, local place to manufacture.

Congrats and thanks again to Charlene, Edwin and all those who participated in the audit process, and to all our employees for such great work and attention to process and controls in a manufacturing environment.

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