A Value Statement Says A Lot About a Company

Posted: August 29, 2012 by Christian Fogliani in: Blog Posts

At Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. – Made In San Diego, we believe that all employees should conduct themselves according to a core set of values.  Whether working with a customer, a fellow employee, or a vendor, we expect all employees to exhibit the highest level of integrity.  Our Value Statement is displayed at the entrance to our manufacturing floor.  All employees are encouraged to sign the Value Statement as a sign that they are ready and willing to work according to those core Values. 

Everything we do at Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. is done with the customer in mind : quality, productivity, and on-time delivery.  Integral to that effort are our employees and their breadth of knowledge and experience.  Our Value Statement serves to strengthen our effectiveness as a company and sends a message to all customers, that Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. expects the best from all of its employees.

Click below to view our Value Statement!

 Value Statement

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